Beaverbrook Montessori Curriculum

Beaverbrook Montessori curriculum is based on several core areas:

  • Practical Life: These exercises refine everyday gestures, activities and behaviours that children see adults around them perform. They focus on social behaviour, movement and on caring for oneself and the environment. Practical Life exercises help children develop independence, concentration and learn to accomplish everyday activities in a purposeful way.

  • Sensorial: A child learns about the environment through his/her senses. Through sensorial exploration exercises a child is given the keys to interpreting and understanding his/her environment and the ability to categorize sensorial impressions.

  • Language: Montessori introduces children to reading and writing phonetically through the use of hands-on materials that focus on vocabulary development, preparation of the hand for writing and the introduction letter sounds. Exercises are also focused on language development, writing, communication and expression.

  • Math: Like language, mathematics are approached in a concrete, hands-on manner. Exercises, often sensorial in nature, help children understand basic mathematical concepts such as arithmetic and geometry.

  • Cultural: Cultural studies involve a variety of exercises focused on developing individual expression, creativity and awareness. Exercises include group theme work, music appreciation, singing, choral speech, creative movement, art and games.

  • Science: Preschoolers are curious by nature. Science exercises encourage curiosity and interaction with the natural environment - expanding a child's understanding of the world. Forming hypotheses, testing theories, doing experiments and recording observations are all part of the program.

  • Geography: Geography is the study of life, features of the earth, the way humans live and the cultures that exist around the world. The children are introduced geography through the use of wooden puzzle maps and studies about countries, flags, land & water formation and observation of animals in nature.